France vs Croatia Prediction 15 July 2018
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France vs Croatia Prediction 15 July 2018

Tournament: World Cup 2018
Location: Stadion Luzhniki, Moskva
Match date: 15.07.2018 at 16:00

On July 15 2018 at 16:00 at the Stadion Luzhniki in Moskva in the final match of the World Cup in Russia France national football team will meet Croatia national football team. It seems to us that France will be able to succeed this time again for a number of reasons and we will try to explain why.

First and a very important reason is the physical conditions of the teams and this reason seems to affect the results a lot at the intensive competitions like the World Cup. France won all of their three play-offs games within the main time while Croatia played their extra times every time and they had their penalty shootings twice. That’s like extra 90 minutes, a whole fourth game which was very difficult to play after the main time. Moreover, the Croatians played their semifinal game one day later compared to France.

Moreover, the human recourse isn’t endless. Most of the leaders of the Croatian national team are at their thirties and they will definitely look nut as strong and fresh and the French, who are significantly younger at their average. That deficit of physical strength can’t be fulfilled. So, France are younger (only one of the leaders is older than 27) and they have spent less energy on their way to the final.

The second reason is emotions. The Croatians came back in all of their three play-offs games and they were lucky in their penalties. They outplayed England being the underdogs and they have obviously spent too much emotional resources. At the same time, France looked really convincing at every stage of the World cup and they achieved their results as if they didn’t even suspect that there might have been any other way.

The third reason is the schedule. France kicked-off Argentina, Uruguay and Belgium in the main time during the play-offs and they even managed to avoid missing goals in two of the three games. the Croatians didn’t win  single game during the main time despite the fact that their competitor were easies to play against and they missed at least once in all of those matches.

The fourth reason is tactics. France look like they have their schemes and yet they can change in case their competitors resist them well. The managers of the team always choose the best substitutions which influence the advantage of the team a lot. They don’t have too many schemes and yet they can work well with any of them. As for the Croatians, they, in their turn, didn’t look like they could get used to the conditions quickly. They depend on Modric a lot and this time he will have to play against Cante and Matuidi who are among the best ruiners in the world.

The final matches of the competitions like that don’t usually have a lot of goals scored and it seems to us that one single goal will decide the result of the competitions. It seems to us that Croatia, not France will be the ones to miss that goal.