Qarabag vs Olimpija Prediction 18 July 2018
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Qarabag vs Olimpija Prediction 18 July 2018

Tournament: UEFA Champions League Qualification
Location: Tofiq Behramov adina Respublika stadionu
Match date: 18.07.2018 at 18:00

On July 18 2018 at 18:00 at the Tofiq Behramov adina Respublika stadionu in Baku in the upcoming second leg match of the UEFA Champions League qualification first round the local Qarabag are playing against their guests Olimpija.

The season hasn’t started in Azerbaijan yet. This summer they played their three friendly games where they didn’t manage to win even once as they drew twice and lost once. Despite those local unlucky moments, Legia managed to win their first match of the season in the qualification for the Champions League group stage. That victory obviously improved their chances of continuing their way to the main part of the most prestigious club competition.

As for Olimpija, they were the strongest team of the domestic competitions in Slovenia as they didn’t only win the national elite division but also the national cup. In the final of the cup they didn’t even notice their competitors and won with the devastating 6:1 score. Yet, the domestic competitions are too easy for them to deal with while in the Euro Cups they are by far not as successful. As you know, they lost their first leg game against Qarabag and we really don’t think that they will manage to improve the situations in that upcoming match and they don’t seem to have resources for it.

The first game was actually a very interesting one where both teams were fighting well. This time we think that something like that is going to happen once again and yet there won’t probably be a lot of goals scored and the defense will be concentrated on. None of the teams want to lose and that’s why they will be really careful.