West Bromwich vs Bolton Prediction 4 August 2018
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West Bromwich vs Bolton Prediction 4 August 2018

Tournament: Football League Championship
Location: Hawthorns Stadium
Match date: 04.08.2018 at 15:00

On August 4 2018 at 15:00 at the Hawthorns Stadium in the upcoming game of the first matchday of the English Football League Championship the local West Bromwich Albion are playing against Bolton Wanderers. In the previous season West Bromwich participated against the strongest teams of the country in the national elite division while Bolton played in the League One. Now they meet each other in the Championship.

West Bromwich took the 19th place in the EPL and were relegated in the end – these are the poor results of the team in the previous season. About five years ago they were considered to be the strong middle-peasants of the EPL and now they are no longer in it at all. Yet, they will be one of the teams fighting for the promotion in the upcoming season once again. West Bromwich seem to be really competitive and we think that they are ready to fight for the comeback this time.

As for Bolton, they, in their turn, managed to promote after the end of the previous season. Well, in fact, they are just getting back to their positions, we must remind you that at the beginning of the century Bolton participated in the national elite division and even took part in the UEFA Cup. A lot has changed since then and now Bolton are one of the outsiders of the Championship. Yet, the examples of the teams like Southampton and Norwich who managed to go their ways from the League One to the EPL in two seasons may be inspiring for Bolton and that’s why they are supposed to be extremely motivated.

The hosts are considered to be the favorites of the upcoming match as they came from the higher division and they seem to be stronger. Moreover, they are supposed to win in their domestic games if they are going to fight for the promotion this time.