Porto vs Desportivo Aves Prediction 4 August 2018
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Porto vs Desportivo Aves Prediction 4 August 2018

Tournament: Portuguese Super Cup
Location: Estadio Municipal de Aveiro
Match date: 04.08.2018 at 20:45

On August 4 2018 at 20:45 at the Estadio Municipal de Aveiro in the upcoming regular game of the Portuguese Super Cup Porto are going to play against Desportivo Aves. That is going to be the match against the champions of Portugal and the outsiders of the league who managed to win the cup somehow.

After four years of Benfica winning the national championship Portugal finally have a new champion. And Porto predictably because the ones and made it to the group stage of the Champions League. The manager of the team combined a wonderful team where there are both experienced and young bold players who cooperate really well. The main task of Porto for the upcoming season will be to keep their champions’ ambitions and stay on the very top of the standings of the national elite division.

In the previous season Aves only took the 13th place in the standings of the Portuguese Primeira. They only outpaced the last team of the championship by four points. Yet, in they were much more successful in the national cup as they won against Sporting from Lisboa in the final of it. That was only the first trophy for the team in their 90 year long history. The game in the Super cup is going to be their chance to make a number of trophies twice as big.

It seems to us that Porto are much more likely to win the first trophy in the current year. The class of their players is much higher compared to the class of Aves. Yet, in the first games of the season the Dragons may be not in their best conditions and that’s why we think that the underdogs have their chances to avoid a loss with the devastating score this time.