Burnley vs Watford Prediction 19 August 2018
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Burnley vs Watford Prediction 19 August 2018

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: Turf Moor Stadium
Match date: 19.08.2018 at 13:30

On August 19 2018 at 13:30 in the upcoming regular match of the English Premier League second game week at the Turf Moor Stadium the local Burnley are going to play against Watford.

The first game of the season against Southampton proved that Burnley are planning to go on with their pragmatic way of football where they don’t score a lot and don’t miss a lot as well. In the previous season they were the least efficient team of the EPL as they had the average of less than two goals per match. That statistics let Burnley take the seventh position in the standings which is really a good result for them. During the preseason campaign Burnley only made some of the improvements in defense which makes us think that they are planning to keep their goal safe as much as possible. They played eight friendly matches during the preseason campaign and there were only two games where there were more than two goals and both times those were the games against the teams from the low English divisions.

As for Watford, they lost a forward after the previous season and stopped being an efficient team, in fact. In the first match of the new season they scored a goal at the beginning of the game and only committed one attempt after that. So, as you see, when Watford score their goal, they concentrate on defense after that. The fact that they won with 2:0 score in the first match looked much more like accidence than like an intention.

As you see, both of the teams are really pragmatic and their defenses are much stronger compared to their attacks. They both will be trying their best to score first and avoid missing goals after that. That’s why it seems to us that there won't be a lot of goals scored this time.