Hoffenheim vs Leipzig Prediction 29 September 2018
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Hoffenheim vs Leipzig Prediction 29 September 2018

Tournament: German Bundesliga
Location: Wirsol Rhein-Neckas-Arena
Match date: 29.09.2018 at 14:30

On September 29 2018 at 14:30 at the WIRSOL Rhein-Neckar-Arena in the forhtocimung match of the 6th game week of the German national elite division Bundesliga the local Hoffenheim are playing against their guests Leipzig. Both teams show really rapid progress. About ten years ago nobody knew about those teams and now they both participate in the Euro Cups and represent Germany in them.

After five games played in the national championship Hoffenheim take the ninth place in the standings with seven points gained. These are rather average results for the team which took the third place in the Bundesliga last season. Yet, they seem to be gaining their best conditions now and the latest games prove it in the last three games Hoffenheim drew Shakhtar 2:2 in the Champions League drew Borussia Dortmund 1:1 and won against Hannover 3:1.

As for Leipzig, they are on the 8th position in the standings with eight points gained. The start of the Bulls wasn’t successful either and yet there may be the reason for this. Leipzig started the qualification for the Euro Cups in June and that’s why they might have been tired a bit. In the other hand, the latest results of Leipzig are much more inspiring as they drew Eintracht and outplayed Stuttgart 2:0.

Both teams look very spectacular and that style brings them some of the positive results. Hoffenheim seem to have some more chances to win this time as they are playing at home. Yet, Leipzig will definitely try their best to find their way to achieve some positive results.