Caen vs Saint-Etienne Prediction 16 March 2019
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Caen vs Saint-Etienne Prediction 16 March 2019

Tournament: French Ligue 1
Location: Stade Michel d’Ornano
Match date: 16.03.2019 at 19:30

On March 16 2019 at 19:00 at the Stade Michel d’Ornano in the forthcoming regular match of the 29th game week of the French Ligue 1 the local Caen will play against their guests Saint-Etienne. This is going to be the match between the teams fighting for the survival and the representatives of the first half of the table who may even finish the season in the Euro Cups zone.

Caen have only won three games out of 28 ones played since the start of the season. As a result, they only have 20 points gained and take the 19th position in the standings with 23:29 goal difference. Moreover, in the latest five matches they didn’t manage to do anything at all to improve the situation. They outplayed Toulouse 1:1 and Strasbourg 0:0 and also lost to Rennes 1:3, PSG 1:2 and Nantes 0:1.

Moreover, Saint-Etienne haven’t been very successful lately either. They outplayed Strasbourg 2:1 and Dijon 1:0 and after that they were outplayed by Lille 0:1, Marseille 0:2 and PSG 0:1. As a result, they only take the 6th position in the standings with 43 points gained and 36:34 goal difference even though they seemed to have their chances to fight for the highest places in the top three.

The experts think that Caen will prolong their winless series in the upcoming match as they are in really poor conditions now. Despite the fact that Saint-Etienne don’t look much better, their level is still much higher and they will try to prove it. All of the facts we have already mentioned make us think that Saint-Etienne are going to at least avoid a loss in the upcoming match.