Madagascar vs Tunisia Prediction 11 July 2019
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Madagascar vs Tunisia Prediction 11 July 2019

Tournament: Africa Cup of Nations
Location: Al Salam Stadium
Match date: 11.07.2019 at 20:00

On July 11 2019 at20:00 at the Al Salam Stadium in Cairo in the upcoming regular match of the Africa Cup of Nations quarterfinal Madagascar national football team will play against Tunisia national football team. This is going to be the match between the sensation of the tournament and the participants of the latest World Cup.

Most of the experts though that Madagascar would leave AFCON after the group stage already and yet this modest national team had another opinion. They gained seven points at the group stage as they outplayed Burundi and Nigeria and drew Guinea which let them take the first position in the group. As for the play-offs, in the first round of it they outplayed Congo in the penalty shooting and prolonged their happy tale.

As for Tunisia, they didn’t win even once in their four matches played at the competition and still they managed to make it to the quarterfinal. At the group stage they drew Angola, Mali and Mauritania and took the second position somehow. As for the first play-offs round, Tunisia drew Ghana in the main time and won against them in the penalty-shooting.

Tunisia are considered to be the favorites of the upcoming match as they are a lot more experienced in the matches like the upcoming one. No matter how Madagascar try to create a sensation once again, they won’t be able to do it as they have already spent too much energy and emotions in the previous matches.