Algeria vs Nigeria Prediction 14 July 2019
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Algeria vs Nigeria Prediction 14 July 2019

Tournament: Africa Cup of Nations
Location: Cairo International Stadium
Match date: 14.07.2019 at 20:00

On July 14 2019 at 20:00 at the Cairo International Stadium in the upcoming regular match of the Africa Cup of Nations semifinal Algeria national football team will play against Nigeria national football team. This will be the match between two really solid national teams and that is why we think that the game between them will be extremely emotional and difficult.

Algeria easily went through the group stage of the competition as they gained the maximum of nine points in the game against Kenya, Senegal and Tanzania. Yet, they didn’t’ stop with that as they also outplayed Guinea in the Round of 16 and won against Ivory Coast in the quarterfinal after the penalty-shooting. As you see, Algeria look really bright at the ongoing competition.

As for Nigeria, they have been rather convincing at the ongoing AFCON as well and yet they were a lot more defensive. They took the second position in their group as they outplayed Burundi and Guinea and lost to Madagascar. As for the play-offs, the matches in it let Nigeria prove their high status as they outplayed Cameroon and South Africa.

The experts think that Algeria totally deserve making it to the final as they look a lot stronger compared to Nigeria. Yet, the Eagles aren’t going to give up without fighting as it’s the semifinal already and they really got nothing to lose. In such a situation the game will probably be really careful and there won’t be a lot of goals scored.