Celtic vs Sarajevo Prediction 17 July 2019
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Celtic vs Sarajevo Prediction 17 July 2019

Tournament: UEFA Champions League Qualification
Location: Celtic Park
Match date: 17.07.2019 at 19:45

On July 17 2019 at 19:45 at the Celtic Park in Glasgow in the upcoming regular match of the UEFA Champions League first qualification round the local Celtic will play against their guests Sarajevo. This will be the match between the famous team from Scotland and the best team of Bosnia. The guests only have theoretical chances to make it further after the 1:3 loss in the first leg game.

A week ago Celtic had a very solid match against Sarajevo in which they won with a great handicap. As a result, the Celts don’t really need to fight this time. Last weekend the team from Glasgow played their friendly match against Rennes in which they drew 0:0. That was how they went on with their tries to achieve more.

As for Sarajevo, they have been preparing for the second leg game knowing that their chances don’t almost exist. Anyway, they are trying to prove the status of the Bosnia champions. This championship is considered to be one of the weakest in Europe and their representatives have a lot of problems playing in the Euro Cups.

The hosts are considered to be the favorites of the upcoming match as they are obviously a lot stronger than their opponents. Yet, Celtic aren’t probably planning to outplay the Bosnians with a lot of goal difference as they don’t have a lot of reasons to try very hard. That is why it seems to us that Sarajevo will be able to avoid a loss with a lot of goal difference.