The New Saints vs Kobenhavn Prediction 23 July 2019
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The New Saints vs Kobenhavn Prediction 23 July 2019

Tournament: UEFA Champions League Qualification
Location: Park Hall Stadium
Match date: 23.07.2019 at 19:00

On July 23 2019 at 19:00 at the Park Hall Stadium in the upcoming regular match of the UEFA Champions League qualification second round the local New Saints will play against their guests Kobenhavn. This will be the matches between the best team of Wales and their competitors from Denmark.

The New Saints are considered to be the strongest team of the Welsh championship and yet in the Euro Cups they usually don’t have a chance to deal with their competitors who are a lot stronger. Despite the fact that the Saints won their previous round of the qualification playing against the team from Kosovo, they aren’t very likely to make it further.

Kobenhavn got their champions’ title back but yet because of the low rating of the country they need to overcome three rounds to make it to the group stage. The Lions have already played two official games in the new season of the national championship and they won in both of them.

The Danish are considered to be the obvious favorites of the upcoming match as they have a lot more experience in the Euro Cups. In such a situation the New Saints need to make a lot of risks and they will have to open up. That is why the game is supposed to be pretty interesting with a lot of goals scored.