Romania vs Spain Prediction 5 September 2019
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Romania vs Spain Prediction 5 September 2019

Tournament: EC Qualification
Location: Arena Nationala
Match date: 05.09.2019 at 19:45

On September 5 2019 at 19:45 at the Arena Nationala in Bucuresti in the upcoming regular match of the fifth game week of the EC Qualification the local Romania are going to play against their guests Spain national team. This is going to be the match between the participants of the Group F who are both eager to attack a lot.

In the last decade Romania only managed to make it to the final of the Euros once and now they are eager to break that trend. At the moment the Blue Yellow and Reds have seven points gained and take the third position in the standings with 11:5 goal difference. They have already outplayed Faroe Islands and Malta, drew Norway and lost to Sweden.

At the same period of time Spain confidently outplayed Norway, Malta, Faroe Islands and Sweden and due to those results they take the first position in the standings without any real competitors around. Despite the fact that they keep having their managers replaces, they are still among the strongest teams in the world, even though the top of their conditions is in the past already.

Both teams aren’t going to give up on the way they like to play which is with a lot of chances created and a lot of goals scored. That is why it seems to us that the match will be really spectacular and that there will be a lot of goals scored this times.