Manchester City vs Burnely Prediction 22 June 2020
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Manchester City vs Burnely Prediction 22 June 2020

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: Etihad Stadium
Match date: 22.06.2020 at 20:00

The program of the thirtieth round of the Premier League will end with an interesting meeting between Manchester City and Burnley. This is going to be the match between one of the leaders of the league and the middle-peasants of it.

In twenty-nine games, Manchester City gained 60 points with a goal difference of 71:31. With this situation, the Citizens are the second, but behind the leader by as much as twenty-two points. Wins 3: 0 at Arsenal, 1: 0 at Leicester and 2: 0 at West Ham, as well as the crash 0: 2 from Manchester United and 0: 2 from Tottenham are among their latest results.

In a similar segment of the season, Burnley gave an incredible eining series, during which they looked worthy against Tottenham (1: 1), Newcastle (0: 0), Bournemouth (3: 0), Southampton (2: 1) and Arsenal (0: 0) . Thus, they have 39 points in the asset and 34:40 scored-missed statistics and take the tenth position which is pretty nice for them.

However, Burnley will not be able to impose competition on the team with the best attack of the championship. I believe that Manchester City will not stand on ceremony with a not particularly motivated middle peasants and will create many problems for them in defense.