Swansea vs Brentford Prediction 26 July 2020
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Swansea vs Brentford Prediction 26 July 2020

Tournament: Football League Championship
Location: Liberty Stadium
Match date: 26.07.2020 at 17:30

Swansea and Brentford will form the first pair of playoff competitors to qualify for the Premier League. This is going to be a  very interesting match just as the match of the Championship play-offs always are.

In the regular championship, Swansea finished sixth, jumping there after a 4-1 victory over Reading and 1-0 over Bristol City. But before that, the Swans, with varying success, played against Nottingham (2: 2), Leeds (0: 1) and Birmingham (3: 1). In total, they scored 70 points with a hitting statistics of 62:53.

After triumphs 2-1 over Charlton, 3-1 over Derby and 1-0 over Preston, Brentford's chances of a direct Premier League run have increased markedly. However, the crashes in duels with Stoke City (0: 1) and Barnsley (1: 2) led to the Bee's fall to third place with 81 points and a goal difference of 80:38.

In the course of the championship, Brentford defeated Swansea twice, but in this case the home field factor will play in favor of the Welsh. I believe that the teams will play very carefully, and the more skilled guests will still be a little closer to success.