Sweden vs Portugal Prediction 8 September 2020
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Sweden vs Portugal Prediction 8 September 2020

Tournament: UEFA Nations League
Location: Friends Arena
Match date: 08.09.2020 at 19:45

The Portuguese national team will go to visit their Swedish counterparts in the second round of Division A of the League of Nations. We think that the current European champions will be able to prove their status once again. 

Sweden are known to be strong middle peasant of the European qualification, which regularly qualify for world and continental forums. Tre Krunur's latest achievement was reaching the World Cup quarterfinals. However, at the start of the League of Nations, they expectedly lost 0: 1 to France.

Over the past five years, Portugal have entered the list of the best national teams on the planet. And although at the World Cup Celesao were kicked-off in the Round of 16 of the finals, the triumphs in the Nations League 2019 and Euro 2016 are an undoubted success for Santos' side. The day before, they continued their victorious stride, poking fun at Croatia (4: 1).

As for me, playing at their home stadium, the Swedes are able to impose a worthy competition on the powerful Portuguese. However, in the end, the guests will certainly realize their superiority in the class and win, though not a major, but still a victory.