Brazil vs Bolivia Prediction 10 October 2020
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Brazil vs Bolivia Prediction 10 October 2020

Tournament: 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification
Location: Arena Pernambuco
Match date: 10/10/2020 at 02:30

Brazil will face off against Bolivia in the first round of the 2022 World Cup qualifier in South America.

Today it is Brazil that is the strongest national team of the continent. In the 10s of the twenty-first century they reached the semifinals of the 2014 World Cup, and also triumphed at the home Copa America 2019. In their previous matches, Selecao defeated South Korea 3:0, drew 1:1 with Nigeria and 1:1 with Senegal, and failed 0:1 against Peru and 0:1 against Argentina.

While Bolivia are considered one of the main outsiders of South America. The last time they got to the world championship was back in 1994. Last fall, the Greens calmly beat Haiti 3:1, thereby ending a streak of defeats to Venezuela (1:4, 1:3), Ecuador (0:3) and Peru (1:3).

As we see it, Brazil will take the first official game in a long time very seriously. In such a scenario, Bolivia have not the slightest chance not only for a draw, but even for a goal.