France vs Wales Prediction 2 June 2021
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France vs Wales Prediction 2 June 2021

Tournament: Friendly match
Location: Allianz Riviera
Match date: 06/02/2021 at 19:05

The reigning world champions France will put Wales to the test in another test sparring ahead of Euro 2020.

The France national team knows how to act in an economical manner. This is how Les Bleus scored seven points in three qualifying matches with Ukraine (1:1), Kazakhstan (2:0) and Bosnia (1:0). Earlier, Deschamps' men played well in the Nations League, where they finished first in the quartet with Portugal, Croatia and Sweden.

In the same competition, Wales, due to a powerful game in defense, turned out to be stronger than Finland, Bulgaria and Ireland, thanks to which in 2022 they will play in Division A. As for the qualification for the world championship, the Dragons lost 1:3 to Belgium there and defeated the Czech Republic 1:0. Meanwhile, having dealt with Mexico (1 0) in an unofficial match.

Obviously, the level of French footballers is much higher. Nevertheless, Wales take their toll on well-coordinated team play. Our prediction: if the hosts win, then only with enormous difficulties.