Hungary vs Cyprus Prediction 4 June 2021
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Hungary vs Cyprus Prediction 4 June 2021

Tournament: Friendly match
Location: Szusza Ferenc Stadion
Match date: 06/04/2021 at 18:00

A friendly sparring between the national teams of Hungary and Cyprus will take place in Budapest on Friday.

Hungary were promoted to Division A of the Nations League last fall, a testament to their steady progress. The Magyars looked just as powerful at the start of the 2022 World Cup qualification. In three starting matches with Poland (3:3), San Marino (4:1) and Andorra (3:0), they scored a well-deserved seven points.

Cyprus are a strong middle-level team in the Euro qualification - even with the expansion of the continental championship to twenty-four teams, the Islanders did not find a place there. In March 2021, they played with varying success against Slovakia (0:0), Croatia (0:1) and Slovenia (1:0).

The level of Hungary is significantly higher, however, we do not see a colossal difference in class between them and Cyprus. We predict the success of the hosts with a small score.