Poland vs Slovakia Prediction 14 June 2021
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Poland vs Slovakia Prediction 14 June 2021

Tournament: UEFA Euro 2020
Location: Gazprom Arena
Match date: 06/14/2021 at 16:00

This Monday St. Petersburg will host the match of the first round of Group E of the European Championship 2020 between the national teams of Poland and Slovakia.

Four points in three qualifying meetings with Hungary (3:3), Andorra (3:0) and England (1:2) - in such a scenario, Poland will miss the World Cup, so it is extremely important for them to show their best side at the next Euro. In preparation for the tournament, The White and Reds drew 1:1 with Russia and 2:2 with Iceland.

Slovakia belong to the category of strong middle-tier teams of the European continent, which, moreover, very rarely spoil us with a spectacular game. It should be noted that in the last five cases Sokoly did not lose - they sorted out with Russia (2:1), and also shared points with Cyprus (0:0), Malta (2:2), Bulgaria (1:1) and Austria (0:0).

As for us, due to the individual qualities, Poland look much more preferable. However, Slovakia are able to make life as difficult for the Eagles as possible and even take away precious points from them.