Italy vs England Prediction 11 July 2021
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Italy vs England Prediction 11 July 2021

Tournament: UEFA Euro 2020
Location: Wembley Stadium
Match date: 07/11/2021 at 19:00

The national teams of Italy and England will measure their strength in the final match of the European Championship 2020. Who will become the winner of the honorary trophy?

Italy went through the group stage at the highest level, gaining a maximum of nine points in duels with Turkey (3:0), Switzerland (3:0) and Wales (1:0). And in the playoffs, Squadra Azzurra felt very good. In the round of 16, they eliminated Austria out of the way (2:1) and then dealt with Belgium (2:1) and Spain (2:1).

The British also show a very powerful game - for example, in the playoffs they beat Germany 2:0, Ukraine 4:0 and Denmark 2:1. All this thanks to the performance in Quartet D in economy mode. As a result, the minimum wins 1:0 over Croatia and 1:0 over the Czech Republic, as well as a goalless draw with Scotland.

Both teams are worthy of each other. They are maximally balanced both in defense and in attack. Given the high status of the match, we do not expect any particular risk from Italy and England, which will affect the overall performance of the encounter.