FC Midtjylland vs Celtic F.C. Prediction 28 July 2021
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FC Midtjylland vs Celtic F.C. Prediction 28 July 2021

Tournament: UEFA Champions League
Location: MCH Arena
Match date: 07/28/2021 at 17:45

A week ago, Midtjylland and Celtic had a 1-1 draw. Who will eventually make it to the next stage of the Champions League qualification?

A 1:2 defeat from Odense and a minimum 1:0 victory over Aalborg - this is how Midtjylland's start in the Danish championship turned out. And during the preseason, the current vice-champions of the country won 2:1 over Malmö and 2:1 over Sigma, losing 2:3 to Lech.

And for two weeks, Celtic were also productively preparing for new challenges. Wins 3:1 against Sheffield Wednesday and 2:1 against Charlton, a 0:0 draw with Bristol City, as well as losses 0:1 from Preston and 2:6 from West Ham are in their asset. Let us remind you that in the previous campaign the Celts, for the first time in many years, came to the finish line not first, but second.

Both teams are worthy of each other, but right now Midtjylland look a little preferable. We are sure that with the support of their native stands, the Danes will do their best to reach the third round of qualification.