FC Augsburg vs FC Bayern Munich Prediction 19 November 2021
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FC Augsburg vs FC Bayern Munich Prediction 19 November 2021

Tournament: Bundesliga
Location: WWK Arena, Augsburg
Match date: 11/19/2021 at 19:30

The regional derby between Augsburg and Bayern will kick off the Bundesliga matchday 12.

For another year in a row, Augsburg are seen as one of the top contenders for relegation. And now they are fully confirming their status, occupying the sixteenth position with nine points and a modest goal difference of 9:20. Earlier, Fuggerstädter had a 1-1 home draw with Arminia and a 4-1 triumph over Stuttgart, losing 1-2 away to Borussia Dortmund, 1-4 to Mainz and 0-1 to Wolfsburg.

In a similar period of time, Bayern declassed Bayer, 5-1, Hoffenheim, 4-0, Union Berlin, 5-2, and Freiburg, 2-1, thereby reacting to the unexpected crash of 1: 2 from Eintracht. Thus, the Munich players have earned 28 points, thanks to which they remain in the role of the leaders of the Bundesliga with a goal statistics of 40:11.

Augsburg at their home arena almost always fight with dignity against Bayern. We are sure that it will be so on Friday. And although the hosts do not have so many chances of success, they will definitely score their goal of prestige.