FC Barcelona vs Sevilla FC Prediction 3 April 2022
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FC Barcelona vs Sevilla FC Prediction 3 April 2022

Tournament: La Liga
Location: Camp Nou, Barcelona
Match date: 04/03/2022 at 20:00

The central match of La Liga matchday 30 will be held in Barcelona, where the team of the same name will test Sevilla’s strength.

In the second half of the league season, Barcelona have gained an incredible pace, thanks to which they rose to third position with 54 points in the asset and a goal difference of 56-29. It should be noted that in five previous cases the Catalan giants in turn defeated Valencia, 4-1, Athletic, 4-0, Elche 2-1, Osasuna, 4-0, and Real Madrid, 4-0.

Sevilla haven’t lost at the national level since 28 November 2021, but over the past month the lost too many in confrontations with Espanyol (1-1), Alaves (0-0), Rayo Vallecano (1-1) and Real Sociedad (0-0). And only a victory over Betis (2-1) allows Rojiblancos be second with 57 points and statistics of goals of 40:19.

Barcelona’s attack is in a terrific shape and is likely to more than once break the allegedly secure defense of Sevilla. We expect the hosts to win in a very efficient encounter.