Wales vs Belgium Prediction 11 June 2022
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Wales vs Belgium Prediction 11 June 2022

Tournament: UEFA Nations League
Location: Cardiff City Stadium, Cardiff
Match date: 06/11/2022 at 19:45

Future participants of the 2022 World Cup Wales and Belgium will face off in the third round of Division A of the Nations League.

This year, Wales won in two matches against Austria (2:1) and Ukraine (1:0), thanks to which they made it to the World Cup for the first time in six decades. But in a friendly duel with the Czech Republic (1:1) and in the battles of the Nations League with Poland (1:2) and the Netherlands (1:2), the Dragons performed much weaker.

The end of March was memorable for the fans of the Belgium national team with a fighting draw 2:2 with Ireland and a 3:0 defeat over modest Burkina Faso. And in the first round of the Nations League already, the Red Devils sensationally lost to the Netherlands at home - 1:4. However, three days later they successfully rehabilitated themselves by declassing Poland 6:1.

As you can see, matches involving Belgium are almost never boring. We are sure that even now the teams will play open football and score at least three times for two.