Atalanta B.C. vs S.S. Lazio Prediction 22 October 2022
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Atalanta B.C. vs S.S. Lazio Prediction 22 October 2022

Tournament: Serie A
Location: Gewiss Stadium, Bergamo
Match date: 10/23/2022 at 17:00

The match of the eleventh round of Serie A between Atalanta and Lazio is scheduled for next Sunday.

Atalanta have made the right decisions after the disastrous 2021/22 season and triumphantly returned to the list of contenders for the Champions League spot. Having performed well against Cremonese (1-1), Roma (1-0), Fiorentina (1-0), Udinese (2-2) and Sassuolo (2-1), the Goddess soared to an honorable second place with 24 points in the asset and goal statistics 16-6.

Prior to the match, Lazio had a 0-0 tie with a tough Udinese, and before that, in a spectacular style, they defeated Verona (2-0), Cremonese (4-0), Spezia (4-0) and Fiorentina (4-0). In total, the Eagles have earned 21 points with a goal difference of 21-5 - at the moment it is the fifth line in the standings.

Both Atalanta and Lazio have learned how to defend well, thanks to which they have significantly improved their results. Contrary to the opinion of the bookmakers, we expect cautious football from the teams without an abundance of goals scored.