Real replace Navas with Areola

Real replace Navas with Areola

Real Madrid once again surprise with their ridiculous attempts to establish a relationship with PSG. This time, Los BLancos went for an exchange of Keylor Navas for Alphonse Areola.

In the summer, sports media constantly dazzled that Real Madrid was seriously interested in acquiring Neymar. Even the transfer of Eden Hazard did not convince Los Blancos’ management in buying the Brazilian. At the same time, Los Blancos did not want to spend incredible money and tried to negotiate with the Parisians for an exchange. The names of Modric and Bale appeared in the case, but in the end, Neymar was still closer to Camp Nou than to Santiago Bernabeu.

Nevertheless, the management of Real Madrid continues a parade of incomprehensible decisions, which are most likely associated with establishing contacts with the management of PSG. They decided to exchange goalkeepers, giving away Keylor Navas, and in return will get Areola.

According to RMC Sport, Navas will earn about 18 million euros in three seasons at Parc des Princes, while Real Madrid will receive 15 million euros for him and the French 26-year-old goalkeeper in addition. It is understandable why the Paris club buys the multiple winner of the Champions League. They hope that Navas will give them the reliability in the goal that Gianluigi Buffon, who returned this summer to his Alma Mater, was supposed to give. But the decision of Real Madrid - it looks stupid. They have Courtois, as well as Lunin, with Luca Zidane, who went on loan. Based on the logic of what is happening, Real Madrid went to this transfer solely for the sake of a warmer relationship with Arab investors and because of greed just not to pay a penalty for returning goalkeepers from the loan and not look stupid in front of the football world.

As we see from the results of the team, the return is difficult for Zidane. The constant rumors about the coach leaving due to transfers, as well as the reluctance to cover the club president Florentino Perez, if only the fans could not take him out from Santiago Bernabeu. Only in this situation, Zidane should think about whether the fans of Los Blancos will boo him and Perez...