Alisson is not hoping to get Ballon d’Or

Alisson is not hoping to get Ballon d’Or

The winner of last season’s Champions League in Liverpool squad, as well as Copa America winner Alisson Becker shared his expectations of the upcoming season and battle for Ballon d’Or.

Last summer Becker moved from Roma to Liverpool and thanks to that he spent the best season in his career. The goalkeeper became the Champions League Cup winner, the best goalkeeper of the tournament and also won Copa America together with the national team of Brazil. Therefore, it is not surprising that he became one of the contenders for the most prestigious individual award, Ballon d’Or.

The Brazilian is missing the start of the new season due to an injury, received in the first round of the EPL. Alisson twisted his ankle while ireentering the ball and made it possible for the newcomer Adrian to make his debut for the club, as well as winning the UEFA Super Cup. In an interview with Marca, the goalkeeper answered questions about whether he is the best candidate for the Golden Ball, and why goalkeepers are not valued like forwards,

“I read a lot about it, and it makes me proud. However, I know this is not easy. Making it a lot harder when you're the goalkeeper. But my conscience on this score is perfectly calm. What people write and say means that I do my job well, and people appreciate it.

The difference is that goalkeepers do not score goals. They interfere with this (laughs). And people like to celebrate scored goals. This is the most important moment in football, and I think that forwards are valued a bit more precisely for this reason. This is natural, but things are changing step by step,” said Alisson.

According to Pari Match bookmaker, Alisson's teammate Virgil van Dijk leads the Ballon d’Or race. The odds on the Dutchman to win are 1.25. The second one in the ranking of the bookmaker is Lionel Messi with the coefficient of 3.75. Alisson closes the three candidates with a coefficient of victory of 21.0, ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo, Sadio Mane and Mohammed Salah.