Gattuso will not be in Russia

Gattuso will not be in Russia

The Italian Milan legend and former team head coach Gennaro Gattuso told about his agreements with Russian clubs in the wake of recent rumors.

Gennaro Gattuso left Milan last season, giving almost all his energy for the good of the team. Rossoneri did not advance to the Champions League back then, losing fourth place to Inter in the end. But that wouldn’t help them, as Milan refused to participate in the European cups to avoid transfer ban.

Under Gattuso, Suso made good progress in the first part of the season. Paqueta did not quite understand what the coach wanted to see from him, but this has not changed so far. And Piatek fueled with Genoa scored in almost every match. Now most fans are indignant, seeing the terrible results of the club, but Gattuso squeezed all moral strength from the team.

After leaving, the Italians clearly received job offers. And recently, Russian media have been increasing information about the move of the former midfielder to the RPL after he visited one of the championship matches. However, Gattuso recently gave an interview in which he spoke in detail about this,

“I have read conversations that I can lead Dinamo, Krasnodar, Spartak... It's all not true. I came to watch football. Football is not only in Italy, but also in other countries.

Can I lead the Russian team in the future? It would be incorrect in relation to the current coaches of the teams to say so. But never say never.”

If you fantasize and imagine that Gattuso really accepts the offer from Russia, it is safe to say that he would not have worked here for a long time. Even in modern Milan, players do not receive such fees as in some RPL clubs and it is absolutely impossible to motivate them. Namely, motivation is the main reason for the conditional success of a young coach in the former club.