Neymar compared fans to a girl

Neymar compared fans to a girl

The captain of the Brazilian national team and the leader of the French PSG Neymar drew parallels between the fans of the French giant and relationship with a girl.

As you know, this summer the rumors about the return of Neymar to Spain did not abate. The media suggested his return to Barcelona, and some spoke of moving to Real Madrid. However, the assumptions were in vain. Neymar stayed at PSG and recently sued the Catalan giant for 18 million euros of bonuses that club president Josep Bartomeu owed him. The confusion with the transfer negatively affected the reputation of Neymar. Fans struggled to prick the Brazilian, and the club's ultras posted banners to protest the star winger. In response to questions regarding what was happening, Neymar stated the following,

“It's like a relationship with a girl. When things go wrong, you don’t talk to her. With great love and embrace, everything will return to its place. I will give my life on the field just for the sake of PSG.”

As you can see, the rhetoric of the Brazilian has changed dramatically after the summer period, when even the head coach of the team Thomas Tuchel said that he knew about the possible departure of the Brazilian. Now he gives everything on the pitch and drags PSG practically alone. So it was before he returned after an injury of Kylian Mbappe. This season, Neymar held four matches in which he scored three victory goals, bringing the team nine points.

Of course, the Brazilian’s merit in the success of PSG in the domestic arena is great, but the Parisians did well without him in European competitions. Neymar then missed the match due to disqualification, when Angel Di Maria, together with the same not-so-stellar teammates, took out Real Madrid at home.

Therefore, the influence of Neymar on the team is enormous. Instead of becoming a leader for all football players, he became a boss who knows how to be better and is only rerairing the house instead of building a new one with more quality material.