France national team legend is against Mbappe

France national team legend is against Mbappe

France national football team legendary player Christophe Dugarry commented on Kylin Mbappe’s latest expressions regarding his role at PSG.

After another round in the Champions League, the Parisians are in the first place with nine points after three rounds. In an extreme match, the French champions scored five unrequited goals for Belgian Brugge, declassing opponents. Mbappe recorded a hat trick in his name, after which he stated that he wanted to show his need for the team this way.

Dugarry took the words of the twenty-year-old striker too personally, which is why in an interview with RMCSport he criticized the young Frenchman,

“I was embarrassed. This little phrase bothers me. The rest of his interview is perfect because he talks about his partners, the team. But this phrase confused me.

It seems to me that he was "neymarized." I would prefer that he communicated with Gueye, Herrera or Di Maria. It’s not so interesting to communicate with them, it’s more fun with Neymar, but still ...

I'm afraid my hopes for this guy will break. I feel that things may not turn out too well. The fact that you're good should be voiced by us, not by himself.”

Duggari's logic is clear and acceptable to most fans. Moreover, the football player’s neymarization will clearly not have a positive effect on Mbappe in the future, because now the ex-player of Barcelona and Ballon D’Or winner Rivaldo fears that the striker will not reveal his full potential.

Indeed, due to the fact that in modern football players are valued more and more because of their age and prospects, it is unlikely that anyone will dare to enter into negotiations with PSG for Mbappe if the club did not agree to let go of the permanently injured Neymar, indicating the low amount of the offered compensation.

PSG are gradually turning into a wax museum, which brings together the elite of the future of the world football. Players receive money only for their presence and are not motivated to jump above their heads. Indeed, in a world where money rules, honor and titles fade into the background, and sometimes into the far background.