Lampard told about priorities for the season

Lampard told about priorities for the season

Chelsea London’s head coach Frank Lampard told about the main priorities for the team this season.

In the round of 16 of the League Cup, Chelsea lost to Manchester United 1:2 thanks to two goals of Marcus Rashford. The Blues initially let out a reserve squad, which only moments reminded the first one - Jorginho, Alonso, Kovacic and Pulisic. In retaliation, Manchester United put the first squad, replacing only de Gea with Romero. Although this is not surprising, since the Spaniard did not recover fully after an injury in the national team match.

The Blues tried to advance with small forces, using the support of their native Stamford Bridge. However, the individual qualities of the guests were better than the unbalanced team of Chelsea reservists. As a result, the Aristocrats flew out of the second-rate cup, leaving themselves a car of forces for the matches of the Champions League and Premier League, which, according to Lampard, are priority tournaments for his team.

“We won seven times in a row, spent difficult games in the Champions League. It is important for us to advance to the next stage of this tournament, and we have difficult matches ahead.

We also looked well in the EPL and obviously these tournaments are priority for us. We want to win matches and give all strength for that, but I have to pay attention to young players, who have good future. We get opportunities for that in this cup and also we want to win there.”

Now Chelsea have one headache less, whatever Lampard might say and no matter how high he sets the status bar of this tournament. The Blues have to advance from the UCL group, which they prove with their latest matches with Lille and Ajax. The fourth place in the EPL is also not a limit for a young and ambitious team of the Englishman. The main thing is that the players avoid injuries and progress. Although the second point is inevitable, looking at preparation and goals of Frank Lampard, who famously stormed in to the managerial field.