Guardiola about Messi: He shouldn’t be running for no reason

Guardiola about Messi: He shouldn’t be running for no reason

Catalan Barcelona former manager Josep Guardiola stood up for defense of his former ward Lionel Messi, defending the player from football critics.

Last season and second to last, Barcelona suffered two of the most significant failures in the last decade. Blaugranas lost the handicap of three goals after the first matches against Roma and Liverpool, because of which the fans and the press stigmatized not only the coaching staff, but also the players themselves. According to most, the reason for Barcelona losses is the lack of motivation of the leading players for the second match, but this is not entirely true.

Despite the possible megalomania that is present among the players of the most titled Spanish club, the tactics and philosophy of the team differ from the expectations of fans and experts. Barcelona is not Liverpool to crush the opponent with constant pressure from match to match, and not the 2009 Guardiola team. Guardiola indirectly hinted about this in a recent interview with Catalan radio. The coach of Manchester City also spoke about the role of Lionel Messi in Barca and explained why the Argentinean rarely joins the field,

“Star players must run like everyone else. If this does not happen, then the team cannot cope, and you need to convince the stars to work. Sometimes you tell them: "I will not make you run 40 meters, like a 20 year old, but then show why you should not run."

If someone does not run, but scores three goals in each game, I am ready to accept it, but no one does, unless Messi is close to this.

Right now Messi needs to be asked to make short jerks. He should not run just like that, in no case. If Leo ran as he did the first season with me, he would be injured every three months.”

Perhaps better than Guardiola and Messi a single trainer did not work in terms of productivity. Even Barcelona in the times of Luis Enrique cannot boast of this, since then Neymar and Suarez were in the team, and the three Iniesta - Xavi - Busquets showed the apogee of their intellectual development on the pitch. Therefore, it would be interesting to observe the work of Guardiola with an experienced Messi, who would hardly have walked around the base with a teaspoon in his mouth, but even at the age of 32, he bypassed Ronaldo in terms of goals for the club, playing 118 matches less than his eternal enemy.