Klopp is going for the championship

Klopp is going for the championship

In match day 11 of the Premier League, Liverpool almost interrupted the unbeaten run in the championship, defeating Aston Villa away.

Liverpool this season is largely reminiscent of Chelsea model of the second coming of Jose Mourinho. The team has won five times in its last six games with a minimal lead and tied with Manchester United. Despite this, Liverpool dominated every fight, which makes fans nervous in every game.

However, we will understand why Liverpool are not a team that they were in past seasons. In addition to the standard arguments like “defense has improved” or “everyone knows how to play under Klopp”, there are many other factors. In past seasons, the Reds have consistently had two periods of decline: in autumn and early spring. However, Liverpool have not lost in the Premier League since 3rd January 2019 for 27 matches. During this time they won the UEFA Champions League and Super Cup, constantly changing the squad. What is this talking about? About the stability and confidence of players.

Whoever is on the pitch, Liverpool taught that the guys in red and less often in white and purple jerseys will fight to the end. It doesn’t matter at all, you need to play three goals with Barcelona with a backup line of attack, win back with a 2:4 at Anfield youth team against Arsenal or score two goals at Aston Villa in the last 7 minutes of the game. Klopp's team can handle everything.

There were few such moments before. The team quickly erupted, quickly burned out and sometimes did not believe in its capabilities. But the mass of training, point amplifications and the arrival of new trophies in the museum strengthened the faith of the team and coach. Klopp himself declared this after defeating Aston Villa,

“I do not always believe that we can win every match, but I never lose hope. Therefore, when we evened the score, I thought: “We deserve it.

We know that we can do better, but on such days you just need to be prepared for battle. After the first half, we realized that we were doing something wrong, so we made adjustments.”

Jürgen Klopp is an excellent therapist who is able to prescribe the right pill to his team on time. Its players are a healthy immunity, which with the help of drugs kills any virus that penetrates into it. However, even in this seemingly ideal organism, there are vulnerabilities. Players are not able to withstand such a heavy load, because of which they can simply give up. If this does not happen in the near future, then due to such intensity it may happen next season.

Football players are desperately lacking rest, so Klopp will have to stop his machine in unnecessary tournaments for the good of the team’s overall health. But will the players themselves be able to desert from at least one tournament? So far, the answer to this question is no.