Liverpool broke away from their pursuers

Liverpool broke away from their pursuers

In the central match of the Premier League matchday 12, Liverpool confidently beat Manchester City 3:1 and came off eight points from Leicester and Chelsea, who are sharing the second line.

The match at Anfield was not easy for Klopp's team, because by the fifth minute the Reds could get a penalty kick in the goal of Alisson Becker, but the referee of the match Michael Oliver did not put an end to it. In a counterattack, the Reds opened the score with a powerful strike by Fabinho in the near corner.

The appeals of the players of Manchester City did not receive a reaction from the referees, since at first the ball fell into the hands of Bernardo Silva. By the 13th minute, Liverpool again succeeded in counterattack across the entire width of the field and Salah doubled the advantage of his team. And at the start of the second half of the meeting, the Merseysiders scored the third goal and removed questions regarding the winner.

Silva reduced the hosts advantage in the 78th minute, but this did not affect the general alignment of forces. After the match, the coaches expressed their views on the game. Pep Guardiola mostly complained about refereeing, but at the same time said he was proud how his team played against the strongest team in Europe. Jürgen Klopp was more restrained in the comments,

“It was very hard to play, the intensity of the game was obvious. It was worth it, just fine. How well did we defend against sterling until a certain point? You saw what happens if we stop defending against it.

The guys were completely focused and concentrated. It was so good. This is the only way we can defeat City. Other teams may do it differently, but this is the only way we can beat them.”

Liverpool missed in nine consecutive games, which has not happened with the team over the past five years. But this is the low price that the club pays for first place in the standings. The Reds overtake Manchester City by nine points and eight ahead of Chelsea with Leicester.

With this match, the Merseysiders showed confidence in their own stadium, which they have had for two dozen matches in the Premier League. Even despite the absence of Joel Matip in the first team, Liverpool manage to score points in the most important matches. If this is not champion game, then it is difficult to imagine how the Melwood team will be able to take the crown of the English Premier League for the first time in 30 years.