Ferdinand: Ronaldo is still on top

Ferdinand: Ronaldo is still on top

Manchester United former defender Rio Ferdinand stated that Cristiano Ronaldo remains on top for him.

Rio Ferdinand shared his opinion about the battle of Cristiano Ronaldo with Messi. In an interview, the Englishman admired the forward’s working capacity and also told what exactly impressed him in the approach of the former Portuguese teammate,

“Ronaldo is 34 years old right now, and he is still on top. He has been one of two best players in the world for more than ten years now. Cristiano is the first player I know, who invested in his team.

I was at his home once and saw about 10 people in his living room. I asked him, who were those people, what is the deal. He said that it was his chef, his physiotherapist, his doctor and his personal coach.

He left Manchester United as the best player in the world. He was on the right path. [Cristiano and LeBron James] invested huge money to gather a team, develop physically and mentally. And perform stably on the highest level. I think, if I was asked to give an advise to young players, then I would say, if you have resources, invest in yourself this way.”

A tendency in modern football can be traced that with each year a club staff tries to focus attention on players. Apart from physical development and constant medical examination, a club tries to influence most spheres of life of its footballers. At the same time, players try to distance themselves, paying more attention to their PR managers an agent and hired staff. Players’ departure from club affairs throws them out of the overall team element. Therefore, we come across individualists rather than a side more and more on the pitch.

It cannot be said that Ronaldo’s example is bad, as although he cultivates egoism, but dragged real on himself and drags Juventus. However, it would be so much better, if a team was in the lead not an individual leader. This is how it was at Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United, it is now at Liverpool and it is now at Manchester City. All three teams achieved and achieve results as there is common denominator of players – a team. Unfortunately, there is no such thing at current Real and Manchester United and there is not going to be one any time soon.