Chiellini turned out to be Milan supporter

Chiellini turned out to be Milan supporter

The Juventus Turin central defender, who has spent almost 15 at the club, turned out to be a former Milan fan.

Girgio Chiellini’s career began in 2000, when he debuted for Livorno. Later, there was a one-year voyage to Fiorentina, after which he settled in Turin for a long time, performing for local giants, whom awaited the difficult fate of the Calciopoli scandal and relegation to a minor league.

However, like most club leaders, Chiellini remained at Juventus and continued to play for the Old Signora, who later regained her greatness on the Italian football map.

However, Chiellini was not always a fan of the Turin club. Earlier, the defender preferred Milan, as stated in an interview, being in rehabilitation after an injury. Also, one of the best Italian defenders spoke about who he likes from the current generation of players,

“Apart from Ronaldo and Messi, these two aliens, I always answer – Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Physical strength, technique, and character is always inherent in him. I was fortunate enough to play with him and against him.

I was a fan of Milan, unfortunately, but then I recovered. Over the years, I became smarter. Maldini was my favorite player.”

Chiellini should return to football closer to the new year, so one should not wait for him even in the last rounds of the Champions League group stage. After Barzagli retired, he became the leader of the team. When de Ligt came, there was not enough time for Chiellini to bring the Dutchman to the main squad by his example. Therefore, the ex-player of Ajax had to learn as quickly as possible and go to the highest level.

Players like Chiellini, Buffon, and previously Del Piero and Nedved contributed to the growth of the club's popularity thanks not only to their game, but also to their behavior outside the football field. Therefore, even Chiellini’s recognition of the career of a Milan fan only confirms his greatness, both in terms of a person and in terms of football.