Danilo is on Ronaldo’s side

Danilo is on Ronaldo’s side

Juventus’ right defender Danilo gave a short interview, in which he demonstrated his attitude towards Cristiano Ronaldo.

Media widely covers the conflict between Maurizio Sarri and Cristiano Ronaldo in the recent weeks. The Italian manager manifests his character in the latest matches and puts his main celebrity on the bench in the end of the matches. Sarri insists on the Portuguese’s injury, but what is surprising, is that Ronaldo scored four goals in two matches for the national team and was substituted only in end of the match with Lithuania.

Thus, there is an impression that Sarri takes exclusively educational measures towards the most famous person of the world football. It is not surprising, that a conflict between players can appear, which would provoke a disbalance in the game and possible dismissal of the manager.

Not so long ago, Danilo spilled some epithets to the local edition about Ronaldo,

“I know Cris since our joint play for Real. It is great to perform together again at Juventus.

He always notes the details, and this, combined with natural giftedness, guaranteed him the harvest of trophies that he had collected.

He jokes that if he played for the Brazilian national team, it would have won five more World Cups,” Danilo told DAZN.

These complementary words from the Juventus player prove once again that for him, as for a number of other players, Ronaldo is more of an authority than the coach. Although Danilo played with the Portuguese at Real Madrid, he ended up in Juventus after the arrival of Sarri. Therefore, it would be much more logical for the Brazilian to intervene for the coach, who gave him a chance after an unsuccessful move to Etihad and the subsequent exchange for Cancelo.

Given the prevailing facts, Juventus did not have much time to rest on its laurels. If not this season, then absolutely exactly in the next they will be replaced by Inter Milan with the authoritarian rule of Antonio Conte. Sarri is trying to be a dictator in a democratic club, so a conflict of interest in Turin is inevitable.