National team is being killed in Spain

National team is being killed in Spain

The Spanish football federation surprised with the castling of Robert Moreno for Luis Enrique after the passed qualification stage.

Luis Enrique came to the national team of Spain in the summer of 2018, after the World Cup. Under his management, the team started Euro 2020 qualification by defeating Malta (2:0), the Faroe Islands (4:1) and Sweden (3:0). But later he left his post for family reasons.

Instead of Enrique, the team was led by his assistant Robert Moreno, who worked with Lucho in the same staff since 2008. Before his appointment, Moreno gave a promise to Enrique that when he is ready to return, he will immediately give him the opportunity. With the new manager, Furia Roja secured themselves first place in the qualification with a decent gap from the competitors in person of Sweden, Norway and Romania.

However, right after the end of the qualification Luis Enrique expressed his desire to return to the national team. That is when the footballers of the national team and coach Moreno had established a relationship and became close in understanding the game on pitch. Despite the 11-year cooperation, Robert had to leave the team, because he did not want to be a part of Enrique’s staff anymore,

“After everything that happened lately, I want to make a statement to thank for the support I got during my work with the national team and announce my departure from the national team coach post.

My conscience is clean. It’s impossible to please everyone, but I respect all opinions. I always stated that I am a man of my word and if Luis Enrique decides to return, he will not have any obstacles. I did that, although it meant my departure. I wish him all the best, because his happiness is our happiness”, Moreno said.

One can understand both Enrique and Moreno. They are hostages of ethical position of every man, evaluating what is happening here. Only one thing is unclear – it’s Luis Rubiales’ management, who has been making decisions reactively and emotionally for more than a year now. Last year he fired Julen Lopetegui before the World Cup, because of the signed contract with Real Madrid. This time, because of the absence of clear agreements, Enrique lost his best assistant and beloved manager of the national team of Spain.