Rooney went in footsteps of Lampard

Rooney went in footsteps of Lampard

Wayne Rooney decided to become a player-coach at Derby County, partially repeating the path of his former national teammate Frank Lampard.

Rooney signed a contract with Derby this summer. According to it, the Englishman had to finish the season at DC United and then join the new club. As the MLS format lies in the “spring-summer” system, Rooney has met the conditions and will become a player-coach in Phillip Cocu’s squad next weekend already.

Rooney will assist the head coach as part of his duties at the new post. He will not be able to appear on the pitch before the pre-season transfer window and will only be present at the touch-line.  Therefore, Rooney has enough time to combine theory and practice.

Rooney’s transfer to a coaching position was a logical sequence of his development. After the Englishman spent most of his career at a forward position, later he moved to the position of a “ten” and finished in midfield, he can analyze the game from different perspectives and is capable of getting players to understand him.

Derby County are occupying 13th place in the Championship, although only last season they fought for promotion to the EPL. If he manages to bring the team to qualification matches for the EPL promotion, it is quite possible he will be able to appear on the radars of other clubs, including his native Manchester United. The Red Devils are getting disappointed in Solskjaer more and more each day. The fans were dismissing the Norwegian in a match with Sheffield United after a failed first half, but he managed to even the score. However, it is unlikely that this will always be the case and the club management will have to seek for a new blood in the person of former players.

Ryan Giggs, who took the national team of Wales to the European Championship, has much bigger chance on a managerial career at Man Utd. Therefore, Rooney will have to learn on the Championship teams, but in the future his transfer to Man Utd or even Everton, which are very close to the relegation zone right now, is quite possible. But the club legend’s arrival will hardly be a good motivation for players, who were bought for big money and do not see development in Liverpool.