Enrique sheds light on situation with Moreno

Enrique sheds light on situation with Moreno

After a hidden conflict in the Spanish national team, Luis Enrique and Robert Moreno flattened the corners and considered options for further cooperation.

At the end of the last qualification round for Euro 2020, the Spanish team was in a stalemate. Robert Moreno, who spent the qualifying stage as head coach, was dismissed due to the return of Luis Enrique. The ex-coach of Barcelona left due to problems in the family and there was an agreement based on friendship between the coach and the assistant, that after resolving all the problems, Enrique could return.

However, when this happened, Moreno was annoyed and hardly said goodbye to the players. This caused outrage among the fans and worsened the image of Luis Enrique, despite the events in his personal life. In the previous material on this topic, we summed up that the coaches became hostages of a poorly managed federation, namely Luis Rubiales.

Apparently, the conflict could not be resolved later, and the coaches quarreled completely, as Enrique came out with an interview in which he spoke about the details of the meeting with Moreno.

“We had a meeting with Robert Moreno. He told me that he wants to go to Euro, and if I want, after the tournament he will again be my assistant coach. This does not surprise me, I have seen how he works. This is wrong for me, I would not do that. In my opinion, his excessive ambitions are not a virtue, this is a big drawback. I understand his position, but I do not share it.

In terms of professionalism, I cannot criticize Moreno, he was well prepared. I didn’t doubt anything until the words went wrong. I am not good in this situation, but not bad either.”

Thus, the manamgement of the federation was obliged to resolve this matter, because to monitor the situation around and inside the Spanish national team is their main task. As a result, everything turned out to be extremely unsuccessful, both for the national team and for the coaches, who, in addition to activities, are public figures.