Bale will not be allowed to play golf at Euro 2020

Bale will not be allowed to play golf at Euro 2020

Ryan Giggs will forbid Gareth Bale to do his favorite hobby during the main part of Euro 2020.

The national team of Wales confidently defeated the national team of Hungary 2:0 in the last match of the Euro 2020 qualification. Both goals were scored by Aaron Ramsey, but the match was remembered not so much by the second advancement to the continental championship in a row, but team leader Gareth Bale’s vagary.

After the final whistle, when the Welshmen celebrated the victory, the Real winger took out the flag of Wales with “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order” inscription. That did not please the Madridian club management, but los Blancos decided to smooth out the conflict and did not take drastic measures.

The Welsh national team’s head coach Ryan Giggs stated that too much ruckus was made from this, but he made his conclusions. It became known recently that the former Manchester United player will forbid his ward from playing golf, motivating it with a relapse of a muscle injury,

“Ryan made it clear that our attention must be focused on football at the base camp. There will be no golf in my list, when I will have evaluated possible base place.

You cannot get into a situation, when there are players in the team, who risk their health state because of golf. I value that some people look at it differently. You cannot train all day, there has to be entertainment,” the Football Association of Wales representative Jonathan Ford noted.

This way, the management eventually decided to calm Real fans across the world down, by providing punishment measures for Bale. The national team of Wales got to the tournament semi-finals in the last Euro, but considering the amount of teams, which will play this time, it will be extremely difficult to repeat the achievement. And it doesn’t matter, whether Bale will play golf or not. Therefore, one should not focus attention on the Real player’s free time. Giggs and the Football association of Wales only gave what Los Blancos fans wanted to hear and nothing more.