Mourinho doesn’t want to let Eriksen go

Mourinho doesn’t want to let Eriksen go

Jose Mourinho decided to have a hand in Christian Eriksen staying at Tottenham.

Christian Eriksen has become disappointed in Daniel Levy’s project and is going to leave Tottenham this summer. The Dane’s contract is expiring and he completely refuses to sign a new one. Considering possible departure of one of the club leaders, Spurs’ new manager Jose Mourinho is trying to convince the player.

Eriksen has been extremely important for Tottenham’s picture of play under Pochettino within past two seasons. The Dane took upon himself an important part of a playmaker, organizing attacks of the London club much like Kevin De Bruyne at Manchester City. However, the absence of trophies for the past five years with Pochettino disappointed the player and he intended to move to Barcelona last summer. However, with the absence of support from the management and overprice he had to remain in London.

Not so much Mourinho, but Levy may be interested in keeping Eriksen at the club. The player will become a free agent next summer and not many clubs will want to buy him for the price Tottenham asks for him. Only Manchester United and Bayern are amongst disappointed candidates. Only while the former need him right here and right now and they are ready to pay 50 million euros in January to save the situation in the EPL, Bayern can stall and wait for the summer, signing a preliminary agreement with Christian Eriksen.

The loss of another 100 million euros is a heavy blow for Tottenham’s budget, as last summer they were ready to let him go for no less than 150 million euros. Right now Eriksen plays on 50 percent of his capabilities, lowering his price and attracting attention of numerous European top clubs.

Only Dele Alli exists for Mourinho right here and right now, who has blossomed and is noted for efficient actions almost in every match after the Portuguese’s arrival. Therefore, there is no necessity as such for the Special One in the player, who doesn’t see himself at Tottenham Hotspur and stopped appearing in the starting line-up.