Ronaldo’s agent believes in Portugal triumph

Ronaldo’s agent believes in Portugal triumph

Cristiano Ronaldo and Joao Felix’s agent Jorge Mendes believes in the national team of Portugal miracle repetition, which happened in France in 2016.

In the summer of 2020, a European championship will be held, which will not be tied to one or two countries. Matches will be held across the whole part of the world. The national team of Portugal acted on the fans’ nerves in the qualification. After a victory in the Nations League, Selecao couldn’t advance to the tournament even from the first place, losing the leadership in the group to the national team of Ukraine.

The acting champions of Europe had a tie and lost to Ukraine in the qualification and also could lose the direct ticket to the national team of Serbia until the last game. Nevertheless, Fernando Santos’ team advanced and is hoping to repeat the achievement of four years ago.

At least Jorge Mendes has such an opinion, who is serving Ronaldo and Felix, who are the main striking force of the national team.

For me, Cristiano Ronaldo will always the best in history, this is a very special player from another galaxy. He is unlike anyone. Next year, he will be 35 years old. He will be able to play as long as he wants. No one did what he managed to do at 30. It is very important for young people.

Joao Felix is one of the best young players of the world right now. Ronaldo is the professor, but Felix has to have ambitions and persistence. This is is a player, who knows what he needs to do to become a champion.”

At the same time, not everything is so simple with both players. Ronaldo continues to drag Juventus thanks to the experience and superhuman efforts that he puts in training. Given that Mandzukic left the team, the Portuguese need to try harder. As for Felix, for half a season in Atletico he does not even look like a replacement for Griezmann, not that the main player in the team. Alvaro Morata shows himself a lot better in Simeone’s gang.