Raiola uncovered Haaland negotiations secret

Raiola uncovered Haaland negotiations secret

Football agent Mino Raiola, who also takes care of Erling Haaland’s affairs, told why his client did not move to Manchester United.

In the middle of December, pictures appeared in the net, how Haaland flew to Manchester and signed a Manchester United jersey. The player also visited Emirates, looking for a place to continue his career, but eventually moved to a place, where they give talented players opportunity to express themselves – Borussia Dortmund.

Of course, Haaland could have gone along the path of least resistance, moving from Salzburg to Leipzig, but there is a top forward, who has extended his contract in Nagelsmann’s team, while Borussia need center-forward due to constant injuries of Alcacer and Reus, who is not a ten apriori. Haaland’s choice is absolutely logical in terms of personal development, besides, the Black and Yellows play in the Champions League; however, Raiola has another information,

“It is obvious that Haaland felt that it would be a wrong step in his career at the moment. Nothing personal against Man Utd and Solskjaer. He chose Borussia Dortmund and I am happy that he moved to a club, he wanted to transfer to. This is the best option for him right now.

Had he wanted to go to United, I would have had to complete the transfer, but he did not want that. The offer was good,” Raiola stated.

In spite of the ruckus around the forward, Haaland cost Borussia 20 million euros. Whereas the Black and Yellows paid another 10 million euros to the footballer’s father and 15 million received Raiola himself. With such an agent fee, Raiola really could employ Haaland in any club in Europe, even if he didn’t play there.

The forward’s desire to progress played its part here and at this stage, the 19-year old Norwegian is one of the best in Europe. Therefore, it shouldn’t take too long to progress for the attacking player in Borussia, because the closer role is vacant there right now and literally in two or three seasons the Black and Yellows will pay back this transfer, which cost them basically 45 million euros, at least three times more.