Lampard tries to steer clear with critique

Lampard tries to steer clear with critique

After match day 21 of the Premier League between Brighton and Chelsea, Frank Lampard criticized the game of his team.

London’s Chelsea has begun to play worse noticeably. After confident matches away in October-November, the Pensioners got into the top four teams in England. However, they are risking to leave the elite quartet soon. There are several reasons for that, including poor realization of the offense line.

In the latest Premier League matches, Lampard’s team defeated Tottenham (0:2) and Arsenal (1;2) in the derbies, but lost to such teams as Bournemouth (0:1), Southhampton (0:2) and had a draw with Brighton (1:1). The young manager has skills to change the structure of the game during the course of the match and that is what bore fruit in the games with Tottenham and Arsenal. In the case with the Spurs, the Blues game idea of three central defenders, was a surprise for Mourinho and with Arsenal his substitute of Emerson with Jorginho led to an increasing pressure and two goals in the end of the match.

At the same time, Chelsea had an advantage in the game in the first half of the match with Brighton, but did not realize all their moments, confining to one goal. As a result, the Blues stopped pressing in the second half, having conceded a goal to their net, which took away three points from them against the league middle class team. Lampard stated after the game,

‘The outcome is unpleasant for several reasons. We were focused on a victory in the first half, but weren’t ruthless enough. We scored a goal and had an advantage, but did not manage to close the game. We let Brighton stay in the game. As a result, they scored us an amazing goal and we were lucky not to lose.”

Lampard can react well, but he doesn't make the right conclusions after the match. In the game with Tottenham he applied a trick with a shift to three central defenders and reckoned that it will work in every game. However, Brighton, Arsenal and Southampton proved him the opposite, showing the unreliability of laterals in such a formation.

Thus, the Englishman’s idea is decent in a short-term realization, but to use it on a constant basis a more quality laterals are needed. They have to manage to support offense and return to their goal. Otherwise Chelsea can say goodbye to the Champions League next season. And the open critique of the team to the press will only turn into players demarche and Lampard’s quick return to the Championship.