Solskjaer joins Man Utd bosses

Solskjaer joins Man Utd bosses

Manchester United head coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer told about the plans for the current transfer window.

Manchester United started this season not very confidently, but right now have decent chances to get into the European cups because of unstable game of direct competitors. The Red Devils may even end up in the Champions League, if Chelsea do not make benefit from their mistakes. Nevertheless, strengthenings are needed for Man Utd’s secure game. And this is how the team head coach spoke out regarding the matter,

“I am always optimistic. I am a forward in spirit and has always been an optimist. I am set optimistically that we will be able to keep our players in shape and if footballers suitable for us will be available [on the transfer market], we have resources, the management supports me, but it is about those, who suit us.

There is no point in suddenly purchasing someone just to make a purchase. This can violate chemistry existing good relationship within the team.”

Solskjaer is mostly right only speaking such words Jürgen Klopp would be permissible for Jürgen Klopp, the acting Champions League winner and other international cups and also team manager, who is leading the Premier League. Not everything is so bright for Man Utd to enter the transfer market only as a last resort.

Pogba’s return is a good sign, but the Frenchman still needs to gain shape so he would become the connecting link between midfield and attack, which Manchester United has been lacking throughout the season. Not everything is so smooth in defense as well and there is no point talking about Fred’s game. The Brazilian continues to appear on the pitch, but he also needs to be substituted.

Thus, a picture emerges that Solskjaer is happy with everything and he hopes for the progress of the existing players. But will the Norwegian’s optimism really help Manchester United to get where the fans are waiting for the team to be after Alex Ferguson’s departure? So far, there is an opinion that the club management imposed such an idea on Solskjaer, refusing to buy quality players. The reason for this is a lack of confidence in the coach to spend money on his whims. In this case, Soskjaer may soon leave Old Trafford, and the team will remain without replenishment, but with good chemistry.