Rabiot can move to England

Rabiot can move to England

Turinian Juventus midfielder Adrien Rabiot can soon end up in England because of insufficient amount of gaming practice.

Last season Adrien Rabiot sat on the reserve bench almost the whole time and practically did not appear on the pitch in PSG jersey. The reason for that were the footballers’ disagreements with the coaching staff and the team. Under the influence of his mom, the footballer moved to the Turinian Juventus in the summer as a free agent, but he still hasn’t managed to play well for the Zebras.

In half a season under Maurizio Sarri’s management, Rabiot has spent only nine matches in Serie A, in which he wasn’t noted for goals and assists. In general, the halfback’s game makes you doubt his talent and skills, of which previously said the footballer’s family.

Because of the absence of enough gaming practice, Rabiot is already looking for options to leave Turin. According to Sportsmediaset information, the footballer is of interest at London Arsenal and Everton. The Gunners are looking for a possible replacement in case of Granit Xhaka’s departure because of the footballer’s conflicts with fans. Everton is trying to improve their roster hoping for a speedy competition for place in the European cups under the management of Carlo Ancelotti. Rabiot’s price tag varies from 25 to 30 million euros.

At the same time, the English clubs need to seriously consider the purchase of the footballer, associated with constant tantrums, dissatisfied with the management in the clubs, and also not so brutal in terms of playing in the Albion. Even if we disregard the first two points, Rabiot is useful in terms of creativity and creation, but completely inert in defense.

In recent years, in England there has been a trend of total pressing, in which the team begins to defend from the attack line. An example of this are Liverpool, Manchester City and formerly Tottenham. In order to keep up with the times the English club, which Rabiot will sign, will have to break the player over the knee and force him to work more for defense, which will clearly cause a surge of new tantrums and a subsequent desire to leave the another club.