Kane may not be expected

Kane may not be expected

Leader and the main goalscorer of London’s Tottenham Harry Kane has dropped out for six months because of back of the thigh injury and is risking to miss Euro 2020.

Throughout this season, Harry Kane often got injured and because of that he fell behind the leaders of the goalscorer race. There are 11 goals and two assists in the league in the Englishman’s asset. With his participation, the Spurs advanced to the Champions League play-offs, but right now they do not impress with the game in the Premier League.

The match day 21 match against Southampton became fatal for the forward. He injured his back of the thigh and consequently had a surgery. Then there was an assumption that Kane would return no earlier than April, but the official information from the club doctor became more intimidating for the team,

“I expect that he will return to the squad in six months. f I talked with a top-level player, I would not want to mislead him and would say that he will be in shape and will be able to play normally no earlier than six months after the surgery.

There is a risk of relapse. Returning too early may increase the risk, in which case this cannot be avoided. Maybe his surgeon takes it easier and says: “Come out in three months and see how it goes,” the doctor said.

At the moment, Harry Kane is the main tip of the attacks of not only Tottenham, but also the England national team. At the last World Cup, he became the top scorer of the tournament with six goals and took the Golden Boot. At Tottenham, it will also be hard without him. Lucas Moura does not reach the level of Kane due to anthropometry, Son is not bad, but not always efficient in the center-forward position, as is Dele Alli.

Tottenham have a hard time, so the absence of Kane can nullify Mourinho’s hopes to end the season in top four Also, the Portuguese will lose the promised two million pounds from the management for entering the Champions League and will put at stake his future career.