Pioli told about Zlatan’s influence on Milan

Pioli told about Zlatan’s influence on Milan

The head coach of Milan shared the information about how the atmosphere changed after Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s return to Milan.

In his very first match after his arrival to Milan, Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored a goal against Cagliari and the team got a confident victory over a team from the top six 0:2. Ibrahimovic spent on the bench the cup match against SPAL, but the team devastated the opponent on their pitch 3:0; therefore, the Swede’s influence on the result can be observed with every match.

These words were also confirmed by team head coach Stefano Pioli,

“Ibrahimovic’s signing was really important. It is necessary for the team, what he does every day on trainings, what he showed with Cagliari and what he will do in the future.

Ibra will become better, which will bring us great satisfaction. He is a great professional, who is very passionate about everything he does. It is incredible, when such a great champion works hard, which is very important for such a young team as ours. After the match with Cagliari he told the team to work hard and passionate, so we could win a trophy. That is what’s important.”

Zlatan’s ego was always over the top and crossed borders of what is allowed. However, in case of Milan, the team needs such a leader, capable of leading the whole pack of footballer followers. The team previously tried to choose one of theirs, but the did not bring results. Gennaro Gattuso’s arrival to the coaching post helped, but not too much,, as he had to combine several roles in himself at once.

Now Pioli can relax a little, as he is confident that Zlatan will put things in order in the locker-room and also show an example to players of attack, on how to make the best of his moments. Piatek has been experiencing problems with psychology lately. The same goes for Suso, who was unstoppable last season and now he is just a shadow of his former self.