Liverpool players expect bonus in case of victory in EPL

Liverpool players expect bonus in case of victory in EPL

Liverpool players will get about four million pounds, if they keep their handicap from chasers and win the EPL.

According to Daily Mail, the Merseysiders will get about four million pounds, paid as a bonus for the work this season. The sum will be shared between all players, who appeared this season in the framework of the main league of England. Whereas the sum amount will vary depending on the amount of matches conducted.

Liverpool first squad players will get about 150 thousand pounds each in total. Jurgen Klopp will also get a bonus for the work, without whom the Reds’ sensational results would not become a reality.

Right now, the team from the River Mersey banks is in the first place with a colossal handicap over Manchester City. The Scousers are ahead of the Citizens by 22 points after 25 matches in the league. Recently, Liverpool chairman Tom Werner couldn’t take it any longer and expressed his thoughts regarding this season,

“I need to pinch myself. But we still haven’t finished the job. I tell everyone that we need to enjoy now, because I really appreciate our current results.

The competition level in the league is so high that it seems as if an unsuccessful day will come at a certain moment. But it hasn’t happened so far and for that Klopp deserves a big praise. It is obvious that the team plays at the peak of their possibilities every week.

So far, we haven’t achieved anything. We will still have time in the end of the season to enjoy everything,” Werner said.

Liverpool management is showing an adequate work with personnel, just like in any company. Players get a pay raise according to quality of performed work. The contracts aren’t extended in case a footballer turns out to be not ready for internal competition and this way there is a clear system of the Darwin structure of survival at Liverpool. Whereas Liverpool, as the personification of justice, gives a chance to everyone and sees, whether the player will be able to be useful in a long-term perspective.

Liverpool’s advantage over other clubs lies in the fact the management and football are combined harmonically here. Each one of these structures doesn’t claim dominance over another and thanks to this balance the club has been only improving its results for many years now.